Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nail'd: Going Dotty!

Finally a Sunny day! So I've given my nails a Summery look with dots and flowers...

Cuticle oil is making my hands look shiny could I copy Wah anymore?! My cuticles were looking a bit shocking!

I didn't copy this from a picture/video (I'm getting creative!) But I was inspired by a blogger who did polka dot nails recently. I can't remember or find who it was (which is really annoying me) I'm sure I commented on it though. (Let me know if it was you!)
I used some Fimo flowers I got from Amazon to make it look really Summery! I'm going to do a post about Fimo sticks tomorrow so watch this space

I also used dotting tools (from Amazon). I used the smallest size and all the dots look pretty much the same size. There are of course some great things you can use from around the home instead of buying dotting tools, a hairpin, paperclip, needle head etc. I'm sure you've all heard it before.

Oh also if you're on Twitter I'd love it if you'd follow me @PeuRenardRoux
Haha! I might have made the whole punk band thing up!

Love, S


  1. Lovely :-) following you on Twitter too :-) x

  2. Wow they look fab - I light have to get it a whirl with something I can stumble across the home!

  3. love your nails! and the cute little flower!:)
    Laura ox

  4. I loooove doing polka dot nails :D yours look awesome!! xxx

  5. Love this post!
    Want to win some super cute jewelry ?
    Enter my give away!

    Love Lupe

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    i'll find a way to post in dutch and english! :D.
    Wow, it's such a great nail art!
    i really love it, and it's true it looks like very summery! (:

    i'll follow you, will you follow me back?

  7. loving them! how are you finding the fimo slices? i've been tempted to get some but am not sure.

  8. they look so cute! if only i had nails... :') xx

  9. CUTE!! following back! thanks!

  10. the cutest nails i have ever seen!


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