Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday's Fashion Fix

This week: animal print, but not as we know it!
(L-R) Feather Headdress- River Island, Wolf tee- Urban Outfitters, Feather print skirt- Topshop, Sandals- River Island, Feather Earrings- River Island, Necklace- River Island, Ring- Asos, Feather print tee- Topshop, Navajo style bag- Etsy, Ring- Asos
Something a bit different from the classic leopard and zebra prints, and many pieces I've fallen in love with!

And as promised my pink jeans...
I dyed some old jeans white, with inspiration from last week's Fashion Fix. I used Dylon hand dye in Powder Pink. It's a bit brighter in real life, but the colour is very even (thanks to me stirring it in the sink continuously for 15 mins!)
So what are you lusting after? Got any DIY plans for this weekend? Or any ideas about what I can wear my new jeans with?!

Love, S


  1. Oo that feather print skirt is to die for! Loving the dyed jeans...go you! They look like they might be quite tough to style though, I look forward to seeing how you decide to wear them x

  2. love the pieces you've chosen - that skirt is amazing! I have to grunge up anything pink that I wear haha or I feel overly girly, so for me I would pair it with some black military boots and a band tee, with some chunky gold accessories xx

  3. Ooooo the little outfit moodboard looks very boho/festival chic - like Penny Lane from Almost Famous crossed with Florence Welch. Lovely. Well done on the jeans too, they turned out quite well :) xxx

  4. Hey thanks! It kind of inadvertently became a bit of festival chic!
    Having lost my Run DMC shirt I think I'll have to wear my jeans with my boyfriends Ramones tee which I 'borrowed'(once I fix the hole I made in it!)



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