Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Guilty Pleasures: My Louboutins

I probably should've called this post The Dangers of Impulse Buying! I know, shocking right?! I just couldn't help myself (and if you're thinking about asking price related questions, please don't, it's something I'm trying not to think about!)

I bought them as a present to myself when my contract got extended at work in February. Some things in life you just have to have, you shouldn't feel like anything in life is inaccessible. I don't have a mortgage or children so I thought I should treat myself while I still can. (Am I justifying this to you yet?!)
So tell me, what are your guilty pleasures (come on, it's not gonna be as guilt-ridden as mine!)

Today I'm having a lazy Wednesday while the weather decides to make up it's mind, thunder and lightning or sunshine! I've taken a few pics so I might do my day in pictures tomorrow, oh and get your moans, whines and grievances ready for Friday, you're gonna be needing them!

Love, S


  1. wow... I am completely jealous.. and yea you totally justified the spend! :)


  2. oh my god they're gorgeous!! Unfortunatly being skint constantly means my guilty pleasures lie in sneaky shopping trips to asda for treats, reality tv, and ke$ha

    oh and cringy whiny pop punk


  3. Wowowowowow Louboutins! Don't feel guilty about this, you're working so it's fiiiiiiine. I'm totally going to buy myself something designer when I get my first full-time job. My guilty pleasure is just shopping in general. I don't buy expensive things but I buy way too many!

  4. OH WOW! They are stunning! Couldn't actually be more jealous right now!!


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