Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday Morning Whinge Club

Well this is it guys, your chance to bitch about everything that’s been getting you down over the past week!
I got the idea from work. A team in the office have  a weekly Friday Morning Whinge club. It’s their chance to have a good old moan about everything that’s been getting them down, usually whilst eating some tasty treats. Unfortunately I won’t be providing food (you can get your own!) But I am offering a place to moan freely about anything!

This week I’m moaning about George at Asda (and other clothing shops in general)

I got this dress on Wednesday from the George section in Asda while I was doing some food shopping. Normally I really like George clothing, you can get some great pieces, especially from the G21 range, which has clothing to rival shops like Topshop at more purse-friendly prices. I often find that people ask me where I got my clothes from when I’m wearing something from Asda, I definitely think its range is better than those from other supermarkets.

However, the picture that you see of this dress is the only one I could post of me wearing it. Anything full length would’ve been quite frankly indecent. I got home and tried it on to find that it was completely see-through, COMPLETELY! Even with white underwear. It’s nice but... and yeah it’s a big butt!

I don’t understand how clothing stores think it’s acceptable to sell something which is pretty much unwearable.  I’d have to buy another dress to wear underneath it to actually be able to go out in it!
But Asda isn’t the only store that does this; I’ve noticed lots of other high street stores cutting corners with their cheap see-through clothing. Another culprit is Topshop, I mean I’m all for layering clothing but when I buy a t-shirt I don’t expect to have to buy something else to go underneath it to protect my modesty! What’s worse is that they’re overpriced for how cheaply made they are.

So anyway I’ve checked the dress out on Asda’s website and lo and behold you can’t see the model’s underwear in the picture. Hello! I can’t Photoshop myself in real life, how do you expect me to wear this?! So I’m going to do the right thing and complain, I’ll let you know if I hear anything back!

Phew! Getting things off my chest has definitely made me feel better, so please feel free to get moaning! (Oh and don’t worry if it’s not Friday or the morning!)

Love, S


  1. Ah I hate that! I had a similar situation with a white dress from, it was so lovely and had ruffles all on the front, but the back was completly see-through! I had to go buy a very long white vest top from h&m (which buy itself was also see-through!!) but layered I can just about to get away with it with discrete white underwear. They make such a margin in profit for each item of clothing that they really should be able to make clothing that is not see-through!
    rant over :) xx

  2. Yes, and with it costing £15 I reckon they're making a lot of profit!
    I've complained to Asda, and directed them here to see what they have to say, I look forward to their reply!


  3. another thing that gets me is that a lot of dresses and tops are made for people that are 5ft tall. meaning that little old me (or not so little as it seems) at 5ft 8 always finds that dress' show my lady areas and tops are like crop tops. Clothes shops sizing is totally whack, tall people do exist!! and in all fairness i'm not as tall as some women. sort it out! x


Hey! Thanks for your comments :)I look forward to hearing what you think and I'll try my best to get back to you, Love, S xxx

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