Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday's Fashion Fix

Biker jacket- Reiss, Rings and Necklace- Topshop, Wedges- Clarks, Trilby- Jane Norman, Jeans- Cheap Monday, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

This week I'm totally lusting after this outfit, biker chic with a bit of attitude thrown in. I especially love The Hole tee with Courtney Love on it from Urban Outfitters, though I want it all to be honest.
Let me know what you think, what are you lusting after this Friday?

It's just a little bit impractical today as it's proving to be a scorcher in Manchester, I'm currently donning shorts and taking in the sun in the garden (I kept the attitude and the sunnies though!)

In other news having visited the doctors about my problem shoulder I've been told to take the next few days off work- no complaints from me! Better get some sunshine while it's still around, what a convenient day to be told to rest!

Love, S


  1. i love that tee, its got a great biker grunge look to it, as well as that trilby :) i love urban outfitters soo much i just wish it wasn't so expensive! xxx

  2. gorg jewellery and wedges! know what you mean, like a month ago I used to adore florals and stuff, but now I'm totally obsessed with the bikery grunge stuff!


    p.s love love love your blog header!

  3. i lovee the jacket, ive got an aviator jacket with the sheepskin (fake) round the top but i want a plain leather (or fake) one!!
    i need to justify this purchase!!

    Love the blog :)

  4. Hey guys thanks for all your comments :)

    Amy- I get put off by their prices. I think this tee was about £32, I guess it's ok if you get loads of wear out of it, and the more worn it looks the more grungy it'd feel.

    Beth- Thank youuuu! It took me ages to get it just right! I really love the purple ring, grunge is the way forward :)

    Louise- A biker jacket is a completely justified purchase because they never go out of fashion. I got mine in from Harrods in the January sale, it was half price at £250 (I know that's a bit shocking). But I love it so much, it goes with everything and it'll last forever (unless I get really fat!)


  5. Lovely picks here! If only we could buy all the outfits we put together aye :) would be amazing!

    Thankyou for your comment, I wear that ring pretty much all the time, love it for £3.99 as well, H&M is my addiction x

  6. Love this outfit! Punky but still lovely!
    Thanks for the comment, now following :)
    Maybe you can follow back?


Hey! Thanks for your comments :)I look forward to hearing what you think and I'll try my best to get back to you, Love, S xxx

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