Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Morning Whinge Club (better late than never!)

Hello! I had to work this morning and didn't really have time to post at 7.30!

Bit more of a serious moan this week. I was watching This Morning yesterday, a segment of which was called 'Asking for it?' The guests included Nick Freeman, who is of the opinion that by dressing provocatively women are making themselves look available and are therefore partly to blame in rape cases.

You can watch the video here.

I couldn't find the video on YouTube, but if you follow the link you can watch this guy pretty much blame women for getting raped. He can only be described as a complete knob fool. His views of women are Victorian and he makes men sound like neanderthals who are all programmed to rape women who wear short skirts.

Personally I try to dress relatively modestly, but I believe women should feel free to wear what they like. As Slut Walk supporter Lisa Longstaff  says women get raped regardless of what they are wearing.

I imagine pretty much everyone following my blog is of the believe that women and men are equal, but it seems that even in the 21st century there are people who take such an antiquated view. This guy made my blood boil and certainly brought out the feminist in me. If you've seen it or have taken the time to watch it I hope that you feel the same.

(On a lighter note I loved the part where Phillip Schofield picks up the paper and asks Nick Freeman if he thinks his daughter looks like a slut!)

Love, S

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  1. I was about to take the older lady against the SlutWalkers seriously until her argument was "they look silly" and as for that guy - he needs to take another look at his daughter, because she's not exactly a nun! However, even though she is acting a bit 'wild' I agree does NOT mean she's inviting male attention?

    Pretty sure when I've had enough to drink I would do stupid things like her pose in the picture, but A - I have a boyfriend and B - I'm the last person who wants to be hit on by a guy.

    I love that someone else is ranting about this like me!



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