Friday, 29 July 2011

Raiding the Charity Shops of York

Hello my lovelies, sorry I've neglected you for a whole week. I planned on posting at the beginning of the week when I got back from York but I've been so tired. I've also got an ear full of wax (nice I know) which feels yucky and blocked (and it's a pretty crap excuse for not blogging!) But hopefully this post will make up for it!

I fell in love with York, the little shops, the smell of chocolate everywhere, the beautiful historic buildings... sigh... why don't I live there?!

Anyways thought I'd share some of my purchases...

Monsoon top (never been worn!) Scope £5 and 100% silk - bargain! Scarf from the 'Vintage' range at the British Heart Foundation shop £5 (and huge!)
Printed Top Scope £5 and a close-up of the print!
Books from Arthritis Research UK altogether about £8
Illustration in the Robert Browning poetry book.
From A Christmas Carol
Not from a charity shop but nevermind! A silver and onyx ring from Pia reduced from £75 to £30.
Finally my Lucky Cat!
Phew! I also bought my mum an amazing owl tape measure (I'll post that sometime soon) and some sweets from the John Bull rock shop!

Now I'm going to settle down with my new book...

Has anyone read this? I'm looking forward to it!
... with cotton wool in my ear (and olive oil drops!) feeling a bit sorry for myself...pardon?!

Love, S

P.S. If you're wondering about the shopping ban my contact has been extended until October (yay!) so I thought a few treats were in order!


  1. Haha my spending ban is currently being ignored!
    Great purchases, I love the ring and the scarf.

    I'm currently running a vintage giveaway I think you might be interested in! Just thought I'd let you know :)

    B xo

  2. You got some lovely things and such bargains too! I love York so much, I really want to move there when I decide to settle down somewhere :)

    Hope your ear is better soon, I hate earache! :) xx

  3. going to york in a couple of weeks, can't wait! these are some epic buys, love the monsoon top and of course the cute lucky blue cat!

    ramz and the flock

    p.s hope your ear's gets better, earache's rubbish x

  4. Hope your ear feels better soon!

    I collect old books.. am jealous of your finds, they look lovely! x

  5. York does seem to have some good charity shops but I can never find anything good in them! I do love the two oxfam book shops though - there's so many books in there I could buy and read!

  6. I love the books.... :) I seem to like you & your blog more and more :)

  7. feel better soon!
    some great finds

  8. i hope you feel better soon!! this book looks very interesting i must say! and great picks!
    xo ~ kristina

  9. These books are perfect for decoration! Love your lucky cat!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  10. Wow you made out so well, jealous!

  11. Great finds!! My fave is the ring and that book looks interesting :)


  12. Wow! Love the ring, and at more than half price?? plus your guaranteed it won't make your finger turn green if its silver! xxx

  13. love the ring, so nice! bargain!


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