Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nail'd: Girls with Attitude Nail Wraps

Girls with Attitude Glamour to Go Nail Wraps - Neon Orange, Crackle and Cheetah

I've been wanting to try nail wraps for a while now. I like the idea of a smooth finish first time (without me having to try and get nail polish off my cuticles with a cotton wool bud!) And the intricate designs they can give that my hands could never produce!

Looking at videos on YouTube I was a bit apprehensive about how fiddly they are where you have to use a hairdryer to heat them up. Some of them are pretty pricey - you could buy a decent nail polish for the same price.

However these Girls with Attitude nail wraps don't require any heat, they just stick on, so they're a lot simpler to use. And they're only £3.50 so they're not such a weight on the purse-strings, so you can give them a go without the fear of your money being wasted if they go wrong.

Here's the results...
I'm wearing the Crackle Nail Wraps!

Not bad for my first time I think! I definitely think it takes a bit of practice, especially with filing them to remove the excess. You have to be careful not to file off what is on your nail. And you need to make sure they're stuck onto the nail properly, mine are lifting a little where I should have spent more time pushing out the creases with an orange stick.

You can see on this one where I need a bit more practice!

I applied a top coat which gave them a super shiny finish, and incase you were wondering they stayed on in the shower!

These nail wraps are available from Boots and from Girls with Attitude (with free delivery!) where there are loads more designs check them out here!

What do you think? Have you tried nail wraps before?

Love, S


  1. These look great! I've never tried nail wraps before but recently i've been really looking into them and thinking about buying them. I love the crackle and the orange out of them because i think i do the leopard print a bit better (check my page) haha.


  2. Lovely! I've been curious about nail wraps but not sure I'd be able to get them come out like you have, I'm too impatient :(

    B xo

  3. ooo They look awesome!



  4. hi! thank you so much for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog :) i really appreciate it :)♥

    they look great ! i'm just not good on putting them XD

  5. ive seen alot of these around lately & am quite intrigued to try them myself! i love the orange ones that you've pictured above, & they look reeeeally good on your nails for a first attempt! love your blog, following yaaaa X X X

  6. I've never tried nail wraps before but they look pretty good! Would love to try out the cheetah print ones :)

  7. They look really good, much better finish than the Barry M effect nail varnish! x

  8. Love the cheetah print ones! think they'd be to finicky for me!

  9. I have seen this stickers for nails on an other blog too and I think it so amazing. It looks so wonderful ^-^

    Ps: Join our giveaway

  10. these look so good! i need to get hold of this nail polish! xx

  11. Hey hun these look great! I am a big fan of these type nails, I usually have Minx wraps applied on my toes at the salon but I will keep these in mind as they look so good! Great post and great blog, I am following, follow me too?? xx

  12. So glad you had success with the nails, I have been debating for awhile whether or not to try and may take it up now! :) Super chic! :)

  13. Love the crackle one and they look really great on!

  14. love love love these nail designs!! :]

  15. so awesome!


  16. Lovely blog :)!
    Much love,


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