Sunday, 3 July 2011

Nail'd and Review'd: Perfect Girl Natural Fakes

Perfect Girl Natural Fakes available from Superdrug and Savers and at their website here!

Have you ever tried false nails? 

I’ve been moaning about how I want to grow my nails so Perfect Girl kindly sent me some of their products to test out, including some Perfect Girl Natural Fakes false nails. Retailing at £5.00 they’re much cheaper than acrylic nails and last for up to a week.

My nails before, not growing very quickly and with a yellow tinge from all the polish I've been wearing!

Application was easy. I picked out which nails fitted onto mine. There are 48 nails in the pack so there are plenty to choose from. Because they aren’t labelled I found it hard to pick out ones that were the same size for for both hands. I accidentally ended up putting different sizes on my ring fingers but it isn't noticeable.

The nails bare.

Gluing them on was easy – the glue is extremely strong so you have to be careful not to stick your hands together! But it also means you don’t need to worry the nails that the nails will come off! You only have to hold the nails down for a couple of seconds and they’re stuck solid. Once applied you can see the pink on your own nails show through and they look quite natural. I decided to paint mine as you can apply and reapply polish to these nails as long as you use an acetone-free remover.

 They were really easy to paint and my nails had a smooth and professional looking finish, so I decided to do a bit of nail art on them!

Overall I’m quite surprised at how much I like them! I'm really impressed that once painted they look really natural, my friends have seen them and just thought they were my nails! They also feel good, I'm not worried that if I do anything they'll just fall off, the glue is really strong and they feel like they are my nails rather than something just stuck on. 

I think it would be more helpful if the nails could each be labelled with a size to make it easier to find the right size for each hand. This may be tricky due to the packaging, perhaps numbered stickers attached to the nails.

When I used to think of false nails I pictured really long tacky talons, but these nails do look and feel natural and are a much cheaper alternative to false nails from the salon. I just need to get used to typing with long nails now!

Perfect Girl Natural Nails are available from their website here! You can also pick them up from Superdrug and Savers stores.

Love, S


  1. love them! the aztec nail art looks awesome x
    (p.s. if you like check out my giveaway)

  2. I love the aztec design
    the nails are great!

  3. Wow, they do look really natural! My nails start breaking as soon as they get a teeny bit long, so these would be really good for me. Plus a bigger canvas for nail art :)

  4. Cool! But once you take the nails off will it ruin your natural nails? I want to try those but I'm scared.

  5. thanks for your wonderful comments! i really like your blog ~ and those nails ~ gorgeous!!
    xx ~ kristina ☯

  6. Lovely nails :)

    thanks for the comment

    Love x

  7. hello lovely :)

    I love your blog!!!! really lovely! and your nail art is amazing!!!!! I wish you could come and do mine for me :) hhehe

    x x

  8. Oh wow! These are so cool. Any idea how you take them off when you are ready? That the part of acrylic nails that scares me :)


  9. woooow! i never knew those sort of nails look so real! and your nail art is awesome!!


  10. They look really good & natural - I've always been a bit scared cos I hate the plastic nails look! xx

  11. Oh I may have to try these ..they look so cool and very natural:):) xxxx

  12. i'm seriously impressed! they look SO natural. i'd definitely consider these :) xx

  13. You're kidding! I never would have thought these would work. I have to have short nails for work, so this is a great tip for special occasions!

  14. gorgeous! i love the minty green colour in the second photo.

    xx from hong kong :)

  15. The nails look really great,especially the nail art.

  16. Wow, they look really good! I'd like to try them, but I'm scared of how hard it would be to take them off? I'm a wimp! xx

  17. wow, those nails look amazing.. sadly i have tried false nails before and my nails started splitting and peeling,so i am real scared to try again..

    oh, and i love the ring!


  18. They look so good! Love how you decorated them :) I used to do nail art years ago and this makes me want to do it again! Great review...and I agree on the "long tacky talons" part. LOL! But these look so smooth and pretty.

  19. Love how your nails turned out!

  20. P.S. I have awarded you with the Best Blog Award! :)

  21. You´re nails look great :) I could never do that. My hands shake far too much.

  22. Those false nails look really natural and at a reasonable price. Do they stay on for longer than the week? Just followed this blog :)


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