Thursday, 21 July 2011

Getting ready for the Races

Well it's finally here, I'm off to York tomorrow and to the races on Saturday! And this is my dress. 

I bought it in March from Reiss, you might have seen that in June Kate Middleton copied my style by wearing the same dress to the Epsom Downs (grr!)

I'm currently trying to summon the energy to pack (you'd think I was going for two weeks not two nights) Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture of the whole outfit on the day.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to win any money but I'm just looking forward to seeing all the pretty ponies, because I'm like 5. I had a look at the riders (based purely on names of course) and there are some pretty epic ones:

One Kool Dude, Love Over Gold, Hoof It, Ginger Ted, Midnight Martini, Bang Tidy!

But of course I'm not going to be basing my bets purely on names, I'll have to study the form.

Haha I even had myself going for a minute there!

Love, S


  1. Have fun! I've always fancied going to a race. x

  2. Such a gorgeous dress!

    Jade ♥

  3. Oh have a great time hun:):)

    Loving the dress it's so pretty xxx<3

  4. lovely dress! have a great time! x

  5. You deserve this!!

  6. Oooo have fun at the races, I have never been but would love to go! Love the dress hun xx

  7. You are going to be the sexiest, more chic lady at the races in that dress :) Love it.

  8. that seems like the perfect dress for the races!! have a great time!
    xo ~ kristina

  9. That dress is just so gorgeous! <3
    Have fun! :)

  10. Cute dress! Have fun, I love going to the tracks here and betting even if just a couple dollars on the shoe-in. It never hurts and its soo much fun to people watch too! :)

  11. what a beautiful dress. : )
    races ? never been on any, but I'd really like that. I don't think we have them in Poland, but I'm looking forward to visit come countries around the world with my family, so maybe with a luck, I will make them let me to go on a race ;D
    I'm adding you. : )

  12. beautiful dress!
    have fun!


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